Welcome to online Art class
Welcome to Online Art Class
Online Art Student Theodore
By Theodore, Age 4+
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Boy Drawing
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Online Art Student Gabrielle
By Gabrielle, Age 6+
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Art Class
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Art Class Anytime Anywhere

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  • Children will learn the foundation of art, drawing and colouring at their own pace and at their own comfort of home at this unique Online Art Classes
  • Online Art lessons cover fine art learning such as basic drawing techniques, colouring and composition
  • Comprehensive syllabus and curriculum that is based on years of proven field teaching experiences and continuous research by qualified and experienced artist, and author of popular drawing books - Drawing is Easy - Mr. Paul Lee
  • Online Art Classes for kids age 5-12, supervision from parents might be recommended for age below 8
  • Taking Online Art Class is stress free because students can take their own time, repeat as many times as possible and under no peer or class room pressure.
  • During the course period, unlimited frequency or duration of login! Best value for e-learning course
  • Simple and easy to attend. Prepare, Login, Select, Draw and Colour 
  • You just need a computer with flash player installed, access to internet, table space and basic art materials.
  • Personalised Art Journal is setup for the Online Art students who are active members. They can see comment and review by the Art teacher for improvement
  • Children can send their message to the art teacher for any request or any question.
  • Sign up now. You can save a lot of travelling time and cost because you do not need to send them to ar center and pick them up!
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