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Support and Help

If you encounter problem in accessing OnlineArtClass, you can try to find them here and follow the instruction to resolve it. If not, you may contact us by email : or phone (65) 6344 1670

OnlineArtClass lesson is using MP4 video format. You will need the latest browsers or smart phone or android tablet to run. Try to login the free trial lesson: password as tryme123 to test whether it is working on your devices. The program is tested with standard browsers, android, and  smartphone.

Connection Issue
  • Check whether your internet connection is active.
  • Once you're connected to internet, check whether you can surf web site outside of your country (for example, you're in Singapore, you can try to surf web site such as,
  • Try to reconnect or refresh your internet connection
  • Check any data transmission, because if the network is busy, you might get no response.
  • If you're using broadband connection, check your power status of the router and all the cables are connected properly. You may need to restart the router or reset them.
  • You will not be able to do much if internet networks are busy. Be patient and try again later.
Browsers Issue
  • If you're using Internet Explorer (IE), check it is version 6.x and above. You can goto your browser top and click "Help", "About Interner Explorer".
  • Under IE "Tool" - "Internet Options", make sure you enable multimedia portion to play animations and sounds
  • If you're using Mozilla FireFox brower, check it is version 5.x and above
  • It is best for you to have different browsers around, such Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, as in some cases, it is doesn't work for one but it works for the other. At the least, you can choose the one is working and try to figure why the other is not
  • If you ISP (Internet Service Provider) required you to setup proxy, please follow their setting accordingly.
  • A key point to take note, be patient to wait for your computer to response. There are many cases that human inputs are  too fast and the PC cannot react, as a result, it will hang up !
User password invalid or wrong
  • If your password is invalid when you login, try to check the spelling and do again with all small letters or all blocks letters (usuaully it does not matter)
  • If the problem persist, it could be your password expired or setup at server end, contact us immediately
  • In some cases, due to intruder or secruity reason, password maybe changed.
  • Contact us for more information and new password.
Reporting a problem

When you encounter problem cannot be solved, please email to us at :, and please state the following information so that we can take a closer look:

  • Your Name and Course signed
  • Your computer type (PC or MAC) or device (smart phone model or OS type)
  • Your browser type and version
  • Connection type: eg, Broadband, Wifi, Mobile, etc.
  • The problem that you faced
  • Please send us your phone contact as well as a valid email address
  • Telephone: 65-6344 1670
  • Alternative email: